The Chihuahua, El Perrito, The Little Dog

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Some exciting news on The Chihuahua, El Perrito, the Little Dog--We have been invited to the LA Times Festival of Books on April 18-19 at the USC Campus. Truly excited. And Teddy will be in a specialty only an hour away. Deb and Bob plan to come to the event on Sunday and bring Teddy--isn't show and tell (tail) fun????

Everyone needs tools of their trade to be successful. Here is yours for raising and training a happy, healthy Chihuahua--for show or as a pet.

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THE CHIHUAHUA: El Perrito, the Little Dog
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There are many books on Chihuahuas in the public arena. They deal with the cute little dog, the yappy little pest, and very simple basics of feeding, cleaning, and caring for any pet. There are books on Chihuahua history, and the history of those who have brought them to the forefront as beloved companions of the day. Until now, however, there has not been a comprehensive and comprehensible book on the next level.

The Chihuahua is an attempt to bridge the gap for new persons to the breed, to showing, and to selecting breeding stock. While providing basic information, the book also challenges long held beliefs and practices of those who have been in the sport for a while.

When Betty Stallard began her efforts to “get into Chihuahuas,” she met with a lot of apathy and very little assistance. Without knowing where to find the information she needed, she asked questions of many exhibitors and breeders over the first two years of her efforts. It was difficult to find information and to process that information. Betty made a promise to herself that she would do her best to provide information and help for anyone who asked.

The Chihuahua is in black and white in an attempt to make the information affordable across the board. A full color book, which Betty wanted to produce, would have been cost prohibitive for many.

And now, sit back, prop up your feet, and read a chapter or two. You might find you enjoy it—or you might learn a thing or two.

How it is different.

The Chihuahua delves into the intricacies of the smallest breed of dogs in the world. You will learn how to choose one for a pet or show; what to do if your Chihuahua appears ill, how to approach the complicated proposition of breeding for the betterment of the breed. These issues and many more are breached and dissected for your benefit. While Betty Stallard is the primary author, through these pages you will meet some of the finest experts on the Chihuahua in the realms of showing, caring for, and breeding this amusing and loveable little dog.
The book has contributors that are experts, mentors, and leaders in the field. It is written on a level that a novice can understand, but has information invaluable to those who have been involved for years. This is the type of book that everyone has wanted and no one could find. It will be a ready reference for the Chihuahua lover and the serious breeder/exhibitor for years to come, an actual “how to” and “must have” for the library of every Chihuahua owner.

How do you train dogs to self-stack and hold it?
Is there anywhere to learn this?

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