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Rambling Starz Kennel

Puppy Contract

Size, Color, or temperament of puppy cannot be guaranteed

Rambling Starz Kennel Health Guarantee and Replacement Policy

Breed__Chihuahua__ Sex____ DOB________Color___________________________________

We place only healthy puppies in homes, and only when we are satisfied that they are eating and viable outside our kennel situation. If your puppy is not eating as well as expected by the scheduled pick up date, it will be necessary to leave it here until it is eating well. This is for your puppy’s health and well being, and is not open to discussion.

This canine is guaranteed to be in good health, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of sale. It has been given vaccinations to prevent known canine illnesses. These vaccinations are listed in a pet health record which will be provided for you. Deworming treatments have been given regularly as shown on said record. However, there is no way to guarantee that a canine is completely free of worms and it will need to be placed on a regularly scheduled worming program, as recommended by your veterinarian.

The puppy is sold on the understanding that it will live INDOORS, be socialized properly, and become a member of the family. At no time is this canine to be put in a pound or shelter. By adopting one of our puppies, you are agreeing that if you find you cannot keep it, you agree to return it to Rambling Starz Kennel at no cost to the Kennel and it will be rehomed to a loving family.

Deposit Policy:

A deposit of 20% the price of the puppy  is required to hold the puppy for you until the time which is agreed upon for pick up. Deposits are non-refundable should you decide not to pay for and/or pick up your puppy at the agreed upon date. The total purchase price of the puppy is non-refundable and no replacement/exchanges will be made once a puppy has been purchased, except as noted in this document.

Conditions of Replacement:

Proof that the puppy was examined by a vet within 48 hours of purchase (beginning upon shipping, if shipped) and receipt of puppy if picked up. The breeder highly recommends that the purchaser seek the services of a Vet that is knowledgeable about this tiny breed in order to avoid any serious problems.

         You must have a veterinary verification stating what was/is wrong with the puppy.

         Proof the shots and worming were continued  up to date.

         Immediate notification to us that there is a genetic problem, as stated by your vet.

Rambling Starz Kennel is not responsible for any vet bills that are incurred with this puppy.

If any life threatening genetic problems arise with your puppy during the first three months from date of purchase, we will replace the puppy, free of charge. We will do this from our own stock, as soon as the next litter of puppies (like the one you purchased) is born. You will be required to return the puppy in your possession at your cost and to assume cost of shipping the replacement puppy, if shipping is required.

NOTE: We will not be responsible for any puppy that has a sugar drop after they leave our care. Read up on Hypoglycemia in Chihuahuas. We use preventative measures to avoid this from occurring, and you must do the same to insure the health of your puppy. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to assure proper care is given should hypoglyceminc symptoms occur.

NOTE: Should the puppy become ill prior to shipping, we will have it treated at our cost and will ship it after the puppy is healthy.

NOTE: The breeder is not responsible for associated changes which may occur with moving a puppy to a new home such as mental stress, low blood sugar, coccidian  which can be caused by stress and can develop within hours in transport. This has nothing to do with good or bad breeding.

NOTE: We recommend a stool sample be analized within 48 hours of the puppy arriving in a new home to assure the puppy has no internal parasites and has not developed any stomach stress related problems, as described above. IF such a problem arises, the purchaser assumes full responsibility for the care of the puppy and all vet bills incurred.

NOTE: Show quality puppies—we only sell puppies as show quality after they have begun a show career. Due to the many issues that can hamper a show personality development by new owners, we guarantee only that a show  quality puppy was shown by us and was acceptable in the ring, placing either first or second in its class, and/or better. Show quality puppies are more expensive than pet puppies. Show quality puppies are not replaceable if they do not continue showing for you as they did for us. However, if you purchase a pet puppy from us, feel free to show it if you wish to do so.

This Guarantee Does not Cover minor flaws or conditions that can be corrected by a veterinarian, internal or external parasites, cocidiosis, giardia, hypoglycemia, hepatituis, or mites. It does not cover an injury from a fall or because the puppy was harmed in some way after leaving our care. We recommend never to leave the puppy without supervision on a couch, table, or bed. We also recommend extra care when closing doors and walking around such a tiny breed.

This Guarantee Does no not Cover –

Open Fontanel or molera. This is a soft spot on the head and is a unique feature of the breed. These may or may not close when the puppy is grown.

Sizes—we cannot guarantee adult sizes, although we can give charted expected sizes. However, as the feeding of the canine is not in our control, we cannot guarantee size. In addition, some puppies just stop growing sooner than expected, and some continue to grow beyond what is expected.

Trachea—small breeds sometimes develop a peculiar cough due to the collapse of tracheal rings. It can be annoying to the owner, but is not harmful to the dog.

Hernias of any kind.

Testicles not descending. If this dog is wanted for show, please be sure testicles are descended before purchase.

Patella Luxation. Should this condition develop, the owner will be responsible for treatment. Our stock is tested for sound patellas, however, small breeds sometimes develop this condition later in life.

To qualify for the replacement guarantee, have the puppy examined by a vet of your choice within 48 hours of acquisition. Should the puppy be diagnosed within 3 months of any life threatening congenital/hereditary disorder by two unassociated veterinarians, one being our vet if possible, to seriously impact the quality of life short of Euthanasia, or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the puppy’s life, we will provide the buyer with the following option:

Should the buyer choose to give up ownership of the puppy to us, or it is Euthanized, the breeder will replace the puppy within 12-24 months. We do not breed large numbers of litters, so in order to have another puppy available to the purchaser, the purchaser accepts this condition. The purchaser will pay to ship the puppy back to us, if shipping is required, and the purchaser is responsible for the shipping of the replacement puppy, if shipping is required.  Registration papers for the original puppy will be returned to us.

SHIPPING: We prefer to use puppy nannies for transport, or the best option, personal pickup. Discuss pickup options with us.  When it comes to shipping the puppy to you, the seller is in no way responsible for loss, death, or injury during the transport to the new home. The buyer will need to settle with the airlines or ground transport company. We do furnish insurance during the flight. Once you sign for the puppy at the airport, you have released the airline of any harm to the puppy, so check before  you sign.

PERSONAL COMMITMENT FROM BUYER: In purchasing a Rambling Starz Kennel puppy, you are investing in merle free lines. You have agreed verbally, and hereby agree in writing, that you will not breed a male from our lines into merle lines, and you will not breed a merle line to a female from our lines. If you do so, you hereby relinquish ownership of the Rambling Starz Kennel dog or bitch back to us at no charge and without legal recourse.

I have read and understand this contract and that nothing else has been promised to me except as stated within this document. Proper care of the puppy has been explained to me. Should there be a legal dispute, the home state of Rambling Starz Kennel shall have all legal jurisdiction over this matter. I have read and do agree to all terms.

Please Print:


Buyer ______________________________ Date of sale ________________ Pickup Date ______________ 


Address _______________________________________________________________________________ Phone _____________________________ Signature___________________________________________ Notice: We do not deal with puppy mills, puppy brokers, pet stores or animal auctions. Any puppy from any individual other than Betty or Lovell does not carry the guarantee.

Cost               ______________________


20% Deposit _______________


Balance           ______________



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