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The Importance of Structure

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There is nothing more important in choosing your Chihuahua, whether show or pet, than structure and temperament. Without proper structure, your dog will not be able to function properly -- and without the proper temperament, neither you nor he will enjoy life together.

Proper structure isn't possible without the proper
skeletal features and placement. That is the essence of structure.

Notice the angles and alignment at a stacked position. Also notice the tail set which is high and observe the placement of the bones in relation to one another. This is a well made dog. The info was shared on Facebook by Alen Tvrz. Well done, Alen.


Here you can observe the proper structure
while the dog is moving. Luckily this is in English.

* Ch Harger’s Debut Dante-S owned by Paula Martinez, Mexico.

Photo by Paula Martinez // Movement painting by Jesús Eugenio Gómez G, Mexico

Proper movement is exemplified in this photo which has the skeletal details painted over the moving dog. You can see how angles in motion work in extension although the contraction is on the opposite side of the dog. For a dog to move this smoothly, not only must the bones and joints be aligned properly, the muscle tone must be correct. That is called conditioning. A well bred show dog is only a pet without proper conditioning.

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